noscriptFlag of Ukraine with autograph of musician and singer Sviatoslav Vakarchuk

Flag of Ukraine with autograph of musician and singer Sviatoslav Vakarchuk

The blue and yellow flag is a symbol of Ukraine and the symbol of fighting in the war with the Russian occupiers, which began on February 24, 2022. Today, the Ukrainian flag is also a symbol of support for the Ukrainian people, which flies in every democratic country all over the world.

"Together to victory" - the words written on the flag by Ukrainian musician and the lead vocalist of Okean Elzy, a rock band in Ukraine. During the war, the musician travels through Ukrainian cities - from Kharkiv to Lviv, from Mykolayiv to Kyiv - to support our defenders and city dwellers who are fighting the enemy on the front lines or helping in the rear. We believe that you are already doing a lot to win and this flag will be a reminder of how we will win it.

The size of the flag: 100x160 cm




Starting price of the lot: UAH 20,000.00

Auction step: UAH 1,000

Date of the auction: March 24, 2022 at 14:00 (Kyiv time)

Applications for participation in the auction are accepted until: 23:59 March 23, 2022

Auction link: all participants receive on the day of the auction

Conditions for receiving the lot:

The flag will be sent by mail once the winner of the auction makes a full payment on the account mentioned below. 

Charity auction results:

Participants: 9
Final price: 34 000,00 грн

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