noscriptPainting “Queen of the Nile” by the Georgian artist Zurab Kokaia

Painting “Queen of the Nile” by the Georgian artist Zurab Kokaia

The Prozorro.Sale initiative on fundraising to support the army and humanitarian aid through charity auctions was supported by the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ). As a charity lot for the auction was given  the painting  Queen of the Nile by the Georgian artist Zurab Kokaia.  


This painting  was  kindly shared by Thomas Meyer, Director of the Ukrainian-German technical cooperation Project “Good Financial Governance III” implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. from  his own collection. He bought it at the exhibition in Bremen in 2010. The artist Zurab Kokaia is a close friend of Thomas Meyer.

 Zurab Kokaia is a Georgian artist and politician who was forced to flee Abkhazia after the civil war in 1994 and was also a member of the Abkhaz government in exile in Tbilisi.

 "Zurab Kokaia became a friend of mine, whom I saw often in Georgia. Kokaia's involvement in the government in exile speaks volumes about his close ties to his homeland, which became even more inaccessible after the war with Russia. The fate of Zurab Kokaia, like the fate of Ukraine today, is linked to Russia's imperial aspirations," — says Thomas Meyer about the artist.

Title: Painting “Queen of the Nile”

Author: Zurab Kokaia

Description: paper, 100 x 50 cm




Starting price of the lot: 250€ or UAH 8,000.00

Auction step: UAH 800

Date of the auction: April 7, 2022 at 12:00 (Kyiv time)

Applications for participation in the auction are accepted until: 23:59 April 6, 2022

Auction link: all participants receive on the day of the auction

Conditions for receiving the lot: The picture will be sent by mail once the winner of the auction makes a full payment on the account mentioned below. 

Charity auction results:

Final price: 8 000,00 грн