noscriptPainting "Andriyivskyy Descent" by Ukrainian artist Anastasia Chernenko

Painting "Andriyivskyy Descent" by Ukrainian artist Anastasia Chernenko

With the beginning of the invasion of the Russian occupiers, millions of Ukrainians were forced to leave their homes, their usual lives, their hometown, and Kyiv.

The etching “Andriyivskyy Descent” by artist Anastasia Chernenko has been put up for charity auction. This is a work about Kyiv, which is a home town for lots of people and“Andriyivskyy Descent” is one of the symbols of the capital, which, like the whole Ukraine, will withstand this war.

This work is a reminder of our peaceful past and believe in a bright future

Title: Painting "Andriyivskyy Descent"

Author: Chernenko Anastasia

Description: 2019, paper, etching, 25.3 x 18.5 cm, realism.



Starting price: $ 50 or UAH 1,500

Minimum step of the auction: UAH 150

Date of the auction: April 4, 2022 at 14:00

Applications for participation in the auction are accepted until: 23:59 on April 3, 2022

Auction link: all participants receive on the day of the auction

Conditions for receiving the lot:

The picture will be sent by mail once the winner of the auction makes a full payment on the account mentioned below. 

Charity auction results:

Final price: 7 500,00 грн