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Prozorro.Sale e-auctions

 Annual report 2021

Prozorro.Sale is an online auction system for the sale and lease of property.

Prozorro.Sale is a state-owned enterprise managed by the Ministry of Economy.

We help the government sell the new property and real estate at market value.

How Prozorro.Sale works

The system is two-tier. The state-owned enterprise administers a central database where all lots are collected, and sellers and buyers interact with it through electronic platforms. In such a way, transparency of the whole system and same rules for all participants are ensured.

What can be bought on Prozorro.Sale?

Through the system of electronic auctions, citizens and businesses get access to purchase unique assets owned by the governement.

  • Small privatization
  • Property leases
  • Bankruptcy
  • Timber (WIP)
  • Mineral Extraction Rights
  • Railcar Leases
  • Land market 
  • Non-performing loans

Why should the government sell the property?

Every public asset can become a helpful resource  for a private owner or business.

brought the sales and rentals at the Prozorro.Sale auctions to the state and local budgets!

Prozorro.Sale is a state-owned enterprise that implements the policy defined by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. You can get a list of normative acts that regulate the rules of conducting electronic auctions in the Prozorro.Sale. You can read our financial statements by following the link.


Our team

International recognition

Prozorro.Sale. Building markets and trust

There are already 47 accredited marketplaces connected to Prozorro.Sale system. If you want to become our partner, you can learn about the system's benefits to start your electronic auction business with us. 

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